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How to Take the Best Travel Photos

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

Like most people these days, you’ve probably decided to take a trip somewhere based on beautiful photos or videos you’ve seen or because someone you know recommended it.

As a Québec City native, I’ve always had this beautiful playground nearby to use as a backdrop for my creativity, and it has become one of my favourite subjects to photograph. This article will give you all my tips on how to take amazing photos during your next trip to the beautiful Québec City area, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or are just starting out.

1 Plan What Photos you Want to Take

Most of my best photos turn out because I plan the shots I want to get ahead of time. The main tools I use to plan my photos are Google Street View and Instagram. I use Google Street View to “walk” around and find the angles and view points that might make for an interesting photo. And I often discover places I didn’t know about through Instagram—it shows me places I might not have discovered otherwise. A good place to start on Instagram is to follow tourist office accounts—like @Quebeccite—because they frequently post the best photos taken by travellers and photographers passing through the area.

2 Learn to Work With the Light

Tourny Fountain Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

One of the basic principles of taking good photos is understanding light. Ever tried taking travel photos in the dead of night? The photos look totally different than if you’d taken them at sunrise or sunset. One basic rule is to avoid taking photos around noon, especially if it’s sunny out. The midday sun creates dark shadows on faces and buildings that are pretty unflattering.

3 Make the Most of Sunrise and Sunset

Sunset in Québec City Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

One of my favourite times of day to shoot is at sunrise. I always set my alarm for one hour before dawn so I have time to get to wherever I’ve planned to shoot. If you’re not a morning person, I recommend taking photos during the golden hour just before sunset. You’ll get beautiful results—and you don’t have to get up early!

I use a weather app on my smartphone so I know exactly when sunrise and sunset are, or I use the Photographer’s Ephemeris app if I want more specific information. The app gives you the exact position of the sun based on your latitude, longitude, and altitude. One of my favourite views of the city is actually in Lévis where you can watch the sun set over Québec City—it’s truly stunning!

4 Try New Angles and Locations, but Don’t Forget About the Classics

You can’t visit Québec City without getting a shot of the most photographed hotel in the world, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. We’ve all seen that classic photo of the Château taken from Dufferin Terrace. To change up the angle a bit, head to Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons Terrace for a breathtaking view of Old Québec and the Château Frontenac.

Here’s an exercise for you—try taking photos of the same thing from several different angles during your trip. You’ll have so much fun capturing the moment and creating lasting memories!

I hope this article was helpful and that it inspires you to get creative during your next trip to Québec City.

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