Québec City at its Best

Instagram Your Way Through 400 Years of History

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

Wander the cobbled streets of Place Royale, the site of the first settlement in New France. Spend hours snapping photos of Château Frontenac from every angle as it sits majestically atop Cap Diamant. Search out the monuments dedicated to Québec’s prominent figures. Let over 400 years of history seep into your bones as you explore (and instagram) your way around one of the oldest cities in North America— and don’t forget to use the #Quebeccite hashtag so we can follow along!

1 Rue Sous-le-Cap

Rue Sous-le-Cap Credit: @grumpy_mathew Zoom

One of the oldest streets in Québec, rue Sous-le-Cap is tucked behind rue Saint-Paul and practically unknown to tourists. Slink down the tiny laneway near the Candeur Savonnerie Artisanal to admire the beautiful wooden stairs that drape across the small street.

2 Le Monastère des Augustines

Monastere des Augustines Credit: Monastère des Augustines Zoom

Established in 1639 when the Augustine sisters arrived from France, Le Monastère was originally in the middle of the woods. Today, it is in the heart of Old Québec and one of the best health and wellness retreats in Canada. Take time to admire the architecture, sip some tea, explore the museum or take a meditation class.

3 L’Îlot des Palais

Îlot des Palais Credit: @ilotdespalais Zoom

Another (almost) hidden gem in Québec City, L’Îlot des Palais has had several uses over its 300+ year history: brewery, intendent residence, storehouse, military supply house and now an interactive museum and GeoRally venue. We suggest the beer GeoRally or a perhaps a family rally through Old Québec.

4 La Citadelle

Citadel Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

Explore Québec City’s military history! An active military base in Old Québec, La Citadelle is home to the 22e Régiment. Watch the changing of the guard, tour the museum, take a nighttime ghost tour and walk along the Citadelle walls for stunning views of Old Québec.

5 Morrin Centre

Morrin Centre Library Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

Almost as old as L’Îlot des Palais, the Morrin Centre was originally a military barracks, then used as a jail (people were hung out front, look for the window with the missing ledge above the front door), a college and now a Victorian aged library and home to Literary & Historical Society of Québec. Take a tour of the jail, or visit the library on your own.

6 Maison Henry-Stuart

It is easy to walk past Maison Henry-Stuart and not know it! Located on the corner of Grande Allée and Avenue Cartier, Maison Henry-Stuart is an example of early 19th-century architecture in Québec. Explore the house, enjoy some tea and lemon cake and swoon over the beautiful garden.

7 Église Notre-Dame-des-Victoires

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

The oldest church in North America, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires is located on the site of the original residence of Samuel de Champlain and the first fur trading post in the colony of New France. Take time to explore the spectacular details inside the church.

8 Tours Martello

Plains of Abraham Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

Built in the early 19th-century, the Martello Towers are a part of Québec City’s fortifications. A National Historic Site, two towers (there are three) are located in the Plains of Abraham with beautiful views of the Saint-Lawrence River and the other one is located on Lavigueur Street in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district. 

9 Fortifications

Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

As the only fortified city in North of Mexico, it would be a shame to visit Québec City and not explore the fortifications. Walk along the old city walls, visit the museum on rue d'Auteuil and take photos of the Old Québec from every possible angle. 

10 J.A Moisan

J.A Moisan Grocery Store Credit: @kavehko Zoom

The oldest running grocery store in North America, J.A. Moisan was established in 1871. Walking into the épicerie is like stepping back in time. Enjoy a café and tart, or buy some delicious Québec cheese, fruit, a baguette, charcuterie and whatever else you may need for a gourmet picnic.

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