Québec City at its Best

Enter Behind the Scenes of Québec City Summer Festival

I had the chance to go backstage of the Québec City Summer Festival. It was fascinating to see behind the scenes of one of the largest music events in Canada... Follow me!

Plains of Abraham Stage


The View from the Stage


Yes, I was lucky enough to walk on this impressive scene! I stood at the same place as Sting and Peter Gabriel, The Lumineers, Ice Cube, Coeur de Pirate and Selena Gomez were. I must admit: my picture is gray and it makes it hard to believe that there are thousands of people standing there during the shows. But still, imagine the view that musicians enjoy during performances in front of this enormous natural amphitheater crowded with people, smiles, flashing lights and... 

The Magic Touch!


I realized that in addition to the huge crowd in front of them, the artists also have a nice view of the édifice Price and the roof of the Château Frontenac during the show... The icing on the cake, right?

Artists' Tent


A tent with food and a chef is always available for our favourite musicians.



The artists and their teams use this terrace with hammocks and outdoor couches to wait until the show.

That's about it for the highlights of my visit.

For the full schedule, visit Québec City Summer Festival's website.

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