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8 Surprising Activities to Enjoy on the Plains of Abraham

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

With over 4 million visitors per year, the Plains of Abraham are renowned as the site of some of Québec City’s biggest cultural events and as an ideal place to go for a stroll, sit and relax, bask in the sun, play sports, or have a picnic. But did you know about these other activities you can enjoy?


1 Relive the Siege of Québec City as if You Were There

Plains of Abraham Zoom

Immerse yourself in the battles of the Plains of Abraham and hear touching first-hand accounts at the Battles | 1759-1760 permanent exhibit. This informative interactive exhibit looks at how the war between the British and the French shaped the city.

2 Admire the Gardens—and Over 150 Plant Species

Plains of Abraham Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

In addition to the classic French-style Joan of Arc Garden and English-style flower beds, the park has several other horticultural features that are worth a visit. You won’t want to miss the carpet bedding displays, the greenery around the Centennial fountain, the entrance to Parc des Braves, the Louis-Hébert orchard, and the nature trail. 

3 Take a Tour Aboard Abraham’s Bus

Plains of Abraham Credit: CCBN Zoom

Head out on an adventure with Abraham Martin or his wife Marguerite—they’ll fill you in on the history of the Plains of Abraham, share its best-kept secrets and regale you with amusing tales. Fun and laughter guaranteed!

4 Attend a Free Outdoor Concert

Kiosque Edwin Bélanger Credit: Commission des champs de bataille nationaux Zoom

Some evenings from June through August, enjoy free performances by established and up-and-coming artists in a magical outdoor setting at the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand.

5 Explore the Martello Tower in Augmented Reality

Plains of Abraham Credit: CCBN Zoom

From July to September, the history of the Martello Towers comes to life at the Attention! exhibit. Tablet in hand, you’ll marvel at their architecture and military engineering and learn about the living conditions inside the towers.

6 The Plains of Abraham by Lantern Light

Plains of Abraham Credit: CCBN Zoom

From August to September, take an exciting one-of-a-kind tour back in time to 1847 when a wave of Irish immigrants arrived in Québec City.

7 Discover the Artifacts in the Plains of Abraham’s Archaeological Collection

The permanent exhibit Identities explores by theme the traces left by people who changed the history of Québec City.

8 Step Into the World of 18th and 19th Century Soldiers

On September 8, take part—for free—in a historical re-enactment amidst the sound of rifle and cannon fire. Blacksmiths, militia, and soldiers will all be on hand for this historic day!

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