Québec City at its Best

Saint-Roch, aka: Tiny Brooklyn

Credit: André-Olivier Lyra

First it was Brooklyn, then the Mile End. Now it’s Saint‑Roch’s turn to enjoy the limelight of hipsterdom.

Arts Hub

For launch parties and happenings, join the party people attending all kinds of shows at Impérial de Québec. Refresh your record selection at Knock-Out and pick up a few paperbacks at Pantoute. To soak up some culture, catch a play at La Bordée; admire the handcrafted wares at Materia; discover local artists at Galerie 3; and for everything else (photography, videography, printing, pop art), head over to Méduse. All that in a rectangle of less than 10 streets!

Credit: André-Olivier Lyra Zoom

Saint-Joseph has got it going on! For urban style, in the true sense of the word, take your pick: Baizenville, Swell & Ginger or Le Deux 22. Local fashion takes centre stage at Signatures Québécoises, while the guys at KRWN bring shopping, beard trimming, and Cuban coffee together under one roof. Speaking of beards, you can take care of yours at Rituels. Benjo is an amazing store for kids, with great clothes and great games (adults love them too!). Looking for a lighthearted gift? L’Inventaire is the place for novelty items, like socks with pugs on them. ’Nuf said.

Mix and Match

Local geeks tend to shop at La Planque and meet up at LvlOp, Meltdown, or barcade MacFly for their videogame showdowns, with games ranging from Mario Bros to Counter‑Strike. Anyone who loves kitsch and retro finds will love Rétro Bordello. And you can’t talk about Saint-Roch without mentioning Escomptes Lecompte. It’s the dollar store with so much more, ranging from highly useful to totally frivolous.

Foodie’s Paradise

There’s always something good cooking in Saint-Roch, day or night. L’Affaire est Ketchup has some of Québec City’s boldest, coolest cooks. Microbrewery La Barberie has a well‑deserved cult following, while Battuto distills the very essence of Italian cuisine. If you want to go sandwich-styles or pick up a country loaf, you need to stop at La Boîte à Pain. Make it a bubble teatime at Café Pékoe, side with the purists at Camellia Sinensis, or embrace the upscale version of coffee and doughnuts at Café Saint-Henri microtorréfacteur. Chocolate decadence abounds at Champagne Le Maître Confiseur. If salty’s more your thing, try a poutine or steamé (Québécois for “steamed hot dog”) at Casse-Croûte Chez Gaston. You’ll find your laidback fancy brunch at Le Clocher Penché, croissants and pastries at Le Croquembouche, unfussed dinner in a deliciously kitsch décor at La Cuisine, bistro dining at District Saint-Joseph, terroir gastronomy at La Gueule de Bois, and fine brews at La Korrigane. Warm up with a third wave coffee at Maelstrøm or Nektar or by gathering near the pizza oven at Nina Pizza Napolitaine. Drinks with friends are best enjoyed at Noctem Artisans Brasseurs, Japanese soups at Tora-Ya Ramen, and everything delicious in the enveloping atmosphere of Les Sales Gosses. For inspiration in your own kitchen, pick up a few new tools and treats at Accro cuisine et dépendances. Seconds, anyone?

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