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5 Reasons to Get to Québec City for the 2017 Tall Ships Rendez Vous

Credit: Valery Vasilevskiy

Raise your anchor, cast off, and set sail for RDV2017 in Québec City, a spectacular regatta event coming to town for the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. It’s one boat you won’t want to miss! Here are 5 reasons to come aboard.

1 The Only Stop in Canada Where All 40 Tall Ships Will Be in One Place

Tall Ships Credit: Valery Vasilevskiy Zoom

The tall ships will spend five months racing across some 7,000 nautical miles. They’ll dock in Québec City on July 18 and stay for the big RDV party until July 23. Although they’ll stop in over thirty ports across Eastern Canada, Québec City is the only place where they’ll all be together. Just imagine: a fleet of A‑, B‑, and C‑class vessels from around the world crossing paths along the majestic St. Lawrence River and sailing together towards Québec City.

2 3,000 Crew Members in the Steets of Old Québec

Credit: STI Zoom

Thousands of visitors will converge in the streets of Québec City during this one‑of‑a‑kind event. Plus, on Thursday, July 20, a full 3,000 crew members from the tall ships will set foot on dry land and parade through the streets of Old Québec accompanied by musicians, street entertainers, and other colourful characters.

3 Fun Free Shows and Entertainment for the Whole Family

There’ll be plenty of free shows on a nautical theme for RDV2017, including Québec City Circus School’s “Ropes and Masts” and the magical “Winds and Sails” by Catalan theatre company Xarxa Teatre. Also on the program: the sweet harmonies of the Sailors’ Cabaret and the infectious rhythms of the EXMURO/Danse K par K dance show.  And while you’re in the Port of Québec area, why not stop by Festibière’s outdoor pub and get your feet wet!

4 A Unique Opportunity to Board a Tall Ship

From July 19 to 22, visitors will have a unique opportunity to board the tall ships and admire the inner workings of these majestic vessels. Street entertainers will perform on the wharfs to keep the crowds waiting to board in good spirits.

5 Magnificent Riverside Fireworks

Grands Feux Loto-Québec Credit: Jasmin Brochu Zoom

On Saturday, July 22, come see the stunning fireworks right above the St. Lawrence River as they light up the tall ships, Old Québec, and Château Frontenac. A magical, postcard‑worthy event you won’t want to miss!

Set your sights on Québec City and we’ll see you at RDV2017!

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