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Top 10 Spots in Petit-Champlain and Old Port

Credit: Francis Gagnon

The area that runs in a gentle arch at the foot of a cliff along the St. Lawrence River is one of the most popular tourist spots in Québec City. So join in the fun and discover 10 of the best shops and restaurants in the Petit-Champlain and the Old Port.


With its quaint, quintessential mansard roofs, this district is known for its charming boutiques full of unique styles. At Oclan, women enter from the boulevard and men from Rue Petit-Champlain. A staircase connects the two boutiques.

Atelier La Pomme

Looking for local threads? Atelier La Pomme has been in the district for over 35 years, delivering a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories from some twenty different Québec labels.

Shamâne Cosmétiques

Just down the street, Shamâne Cosmétiques has a little barnyard love for your skin, with a line of products made from donkey’s milk!

Bistro Sous-le-Fort

After shopping, one must dine. Luckily Petit-Champlain is the perfect place for both. On the patio at Bistro Sous-le-Fort, time stands still, while an inspired menu hits all the right notes.

Madame Gigi

The only reason for moving on might be Madame Gigi, the dessert spot that’s been a chocolate lover’s dream going on 29 years.


The riverside fine dining continues as you head to the Old Port. Stop by L'Échaudé, a delicious French bistro and one of Québec City's best restaurants!

Chez Muffy

Chez Muffy at Auberge Saint-Antoine gives you a real taste of the terroir.

Laurie Raphaël

From the sumptuous, creative cocoon that is Laurie Raphaël, we wish you « Bon appétit » in the Old Port!

By Annie Lafrance
Magazine 16.08

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