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Enjoy the making of Crépuscule - Raviver les braises free circus show

Credit: OTQ

I've had the chance to see 2 short presentations of the upcoming free circus outdoor show Crépuscule - Raviver les braises. The event will take place every Tuesday to Sunday from July 22 to September 4, 2016. 

This year's 55-minute show will be 100% new: 8 new free acrobatic circus acts!

Plus, the 14 artists on stage -mostly from Québec City- will be accompanied by the vibrant live music of Valaire. 

Both acts were excellent, I truly can't wait to see the whole show.

Just imagine with the costumes, lighting and dusk...

Credit: OTQ Zoom

The energetic Flip FabriQue group

Credit: OTQ Zoom

While I was down at the theatre, I caught myself daydreaming about a perfect summer’s day. I’d pick up some things at Marché du Vieux-Port for a gourmet picnic, take an afternoon stroll through the Petit-Champlain District to see the outdoor artwork on display for Unusual Passages, then have dinner in the Old Port before heading over to the outdoor stage to be dazzled by acrobats and fire-breathers, with a breeze from the St. Lawrence in my hair and a magical view of the Old City. After the thrill of the acrobatics and the stars in my daughter’s eyes, I’d catch a second wind dipping my feet in the water at the Cour arrière du Festibière.

For more information, see the event details on our website. 

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