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The Most Amazing Waterfalls in the Québec City Area

Credit: François Gamache

Waterfalls are breathtaking natural formations that seem to captivate nature‑lovers, photographers, thrill‑seekers, and anyone who enjoys a good landscape. The Québec City Area has them in abundance, each with its own magnificent features. They’re yours to discover!

1 Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Waterfalls Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

Just a few minutes from downtown Québec City, Montmorency Falls is a truly spectacular site. At 83 meters (272 ft.), it’s 30 meters (nearly 100 ft.) higher than Niagara Falls. With all the fun ways to enjoy the falls, Montmorency Falls Park is a great place for an afternoon out with the fam.

While you’re there: take the cable car up to the top and get some great photos of the falls and surrounding cliffs. Feeling brave? You can go whizzing across the falls with a friend on a 300‑meter double zipline (that’s 330 yards!). If you like a good challenge, take one of the three via ferrata cableways along the rock face with the help of a professional guide. In the winter, the spray from the falls creates a giant cone at the base, famously known as a sugar loaf or pain de sucre.

2 Canyon Sainte-Anne Falls

Canyon Ste-Anne Credit: Canyon Ste-Anne Zoom

Flowing through a majestic canyon, the Sainte‑Anne‑du‑Nord River turns into a roaring waterfall as it plummets down from a height of 74 metres (243 ft.). There’s a trail system along both sides of the canyon, with three suspension bridges where you can look down into the chasm from above and see rockfaces that have been around for 1.2 billion years. The site is accessible to visitors with reduced mobility.

While you’re there: Hop on the Air Canyon and get a good thrill as you fly, seated, across the canyon. Or, try one of the via ferrata adventures. They’re open all year round! Your kids will love playing Petraminis, an interactive game in the forest.

3 Jean-Larose Falls

Jean Larose Waterfall Credit: @olivier_drolet Zoom

The base of Mont-Sainte-Anne ski hill is the site of a well‑kept secret: Jean-Larose Falls. The tallest of the three (yes, three!) successive falls is a full 41 metres (134 ft.) high. To get to the base of the falls, you’ll need to climb a steep staircase that has 400 steps. Don’t worry though, there are two platforms along the way where you can stop and catch your breath.

While you’re there: This is a great spot to practice canyoning. The (optional) drop into the basin of the falls is 7 metres (22 ft.).

4 Delaney Falls

Vallee bras du nord Credit: Philippe Jobin Zoom

Located in Vallée Bras-du-Nord, Delaney Falls is for real nature‑lovers. The falls are at the end of an easy 8‑km hike that runs along the river the whole way. They can also be reached by mountain bike.

While you’re there: Go canoeing or kayaking on the Bras-du-Nord River. The waters are calm and you’ll get a great view of Delaney Falls and the surrounding mountains.

5 Kabir Kouba Falls

Kabir Kouba Waterfall Credit: @les_petits_voyages_de_sarah Zoom

Kabir Kouba Falls are in a transitional zone where the fertile lands of the Lower St. Lawrence River give way to the Canadian Shield. It’s a great spot for geological phenomena: glacial boulders, potholes, and fossils older than dinosaurs. Plus, there’s a 1.5‑km trail that runs along the Saint‑Charles River.

While you’re there: Get a glimpse of Huron‑Wendat culture at Wendake.

6 Chaudière Falls

Chaudiere Waterfall Credit: @thibeaultbobby Zoom

Admire a 35‑meter waterfall on Québec City’s south shore from a series of scenic look‑outs and a suspension bridge. There are plenty of great spots for a picnic and 2.2 km of walking trails.

While you’re there: Take the Parcours des Anses bike path from Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière to Lévis. The views of Québec City and the St. Lawrence River are stunning.

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