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The 5 Best Day Trips from Québec City

Credit: Catherine Dubé

As much as I love exploring every crack and crevice in Québec City, there are some spectacular destinations outside the city that make excellent day trips. While some require a vehicle, others can be reached by bus or train. Here are the 5 places you should experience:

1 Country Charm Getaway to Baie-Saint-Paul

Baie Saint-Paul Credit: @charlevoixatr Zoom

Possibly one of the most charming villages in the Charlevoix area, Baie-Saint-Paul is tucked away in a cove along the St. Lawrence River, about an hour from Québec City. Spend the day shopping and eating in the village. Don’t miss having a pint and eating at le Saint-Pub, one of the province’s most renowned microbrewery.

2 Whale Watching in Tadoussac

Whalewatching Quebec Credit: Catherine Dubé Zoom

Located 3 hours east of Québec City, Tadoussac is the number one destination for whale watching in the province. You can see different species of whales in the St. Lawrence River: Minke whale, Fin whale-finback whale, Humpback whale, Blue whale, White (or beluga) whale as well as greay seals. Take an organized tour from Québec City -which includes transportation- or drive out yourself!

3 Heritage Discovery on Grosse Île

Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site Credit: Parcs Canada Zoom

Grosse Île (island) is a National Historic Site a short drive from Québec City, open from early May to mid-October. From 1832 to 1937, Grosse Île acted as a quarantine site and the entry point for immigrants coming to Canada - many of whom were of Irish descent. Hike Mirador Trail, visit the monuments and take a tour of the village. In 2017, admission to the site is free due to the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation.

4 Glamour Outing at Casino de Charlevoix

Casino de Charlevoix Credit: Casino de Charlevoix Zoom

Did you know there is a casino near Québec City? Venture out to La Malbaie for exploring this charming city along the St. Lawrence River. Make your way to Casino Charlevoix for dinner, a show or a little gambling. Located next to Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, Casino Charlevoix is a not-to-be-missed day trip from Québec City!

5 A Tour in Cosmopolitan Montréal

Montréal Credit: @montreal Zoom

Making a day trip to Montréal while you are in Québec City is doable - and something I have been known to do myself. Montréal is a great day trip from Québec City. Simply catch the 5:27am (have a nap) train to Montréal and the 6:15 pm train back to Québec City. If you have a vehicle, the drive will take about the same amount of time, but allow you to sleep and stay later. 

Once you’re in Montréal, pick a neighbourhood or two, explore, eat and shop. I suggest starting with either Old Montréal or Mile End.

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