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Restaurants for Flavourful Vegetarian Dishes

Credit: Monastère des Augustines

Looking for meatless menus filled with fresh local flavours, here’s a list of restaurants that are passionate about healthy energizing ingredients. Whether for raw, vegan or more sophisticated vegetarian meals, Québec has many multicoloured options. 

1 Le Don

Le Don Credit: @don.vegan Zoom

Le Don is the only restaurant in Québec City that’s fully vegan, without a single animal product on the menu. From the Thai soup to the raspberry and beet vegan cheesecake to the decadent peanut ice cream banana split, chef Anne-Marie Grenier knows how to surprise her diners. The patio is overflowing with green while the dining room is modern, eclectic, and chic, with a colourful mural by local artist Berko.

Restaurant Le Don
97 Sault-au-Matelot
Québec QC G1K 3X7

2 Les Botanistes

Les Botanistes Credit: Zoom

Located within the Floralies Jouvence garden centre in Cap-Rouge, this restaurant is an ode to vegetables, herbs, and flowers in all their edible forms. The showstopper here is the plancha barbecue imported from Germany. Chef Pierre Joubaud sings the praises of vegetables, bringing out their many delicious subtleties in an inspiring, light-filled space.

Les Botanistes
2020 avenue Jules-Verne
Cap-Rouge, QC 

3 L’Orygine

L'Orygine Credit: @bistroorygine Zoom

You’ll be charmed by this restaurant from the moment you walk in, but the true seduction comes with chef Sabryna Lemay’s smart, inventive cooking. Here, everything is fresh, local, and prepared in‑house. Labneh, black garlic, and chanterelles are among the host of delicious products on the menu. Kick off the dining experience with a fruity mocktail as you awaken your senses and prepare your taste buds to receive the unique flavours of the Québec terroir. The vegetarian and vegan options here are to die for, especially at brunch and lunch.

36 1/2 rue Saint-Pierre
Québec, QC G1K 3Z6

4 Accommodation Bio

Who's up for a wheat grass shooter! A local-friendly organic-certified grocery store where you’ll find Kombucha on tap, a smoothie and juice bar as well as a wide array of healthy snacks, local fruit and vegetables. Also feed your mind with newspapers, magazines, books and music.

Accomodation Bio
1298 2e Avenue,
Québec, QC  G1L 3C7

5 Bols et Poké

Bols et Poké Credit: @bolsetpoke Zoom

Hawaiian-inspired pokes and bowls including the vegan Mahalo: Soba noodles, edamames, marinated kale, cashews, tofu, avocado, etc. Foodie tip: Order to go and eat on Sacrilege’s beautiful patio, you’ll get 15% off a pint of beer! Or order online and have your food served straight to your table!

Bols et Poké
545 rue Saint-Jean,
Québec, QC  G1R 1P5 

6 Freshii

Freshii Credit: @freshiimontcalm Zoom

Freshii is a healthy fast-food chain that recently opened in Montcalm offering many vegan options, including frozen treats. Customize your own meal: breakfast bowls, lunch wraps, energy salads and more. Love the Buddha satay’s spicy peanut sauce as well as the truly aromatic lemongrass soup. 

47 boulevard René-Lévesque Est,
Québec, QC  G1R 2C3

7 Le Crac Aliments sains et La Carotte Joyeuse

A popular health food featuring a catering counter serving daily menu options including salads and the city’s best kept secret: tofu burgers. Two flavours available, sesame and barbecue filled with marinated beets, carrots, pickles, etc., etc., etc. Served all day except during lunchtime. You can also find a wide variety of gluten and dairy-free products.

Le Crac Aliments sains et La Carotte Joyeuse
690 rue Saint-Jean,
Québec, QC  G1R 1P8

8 Les gourmandises LOUCA

Les gourmandises LOUCA Credit: @gourmandises.louca Zoom

Hardcore-veg heads will love Les gourmandises Louca in Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste: a 100% vegan menu made from organic ingredients. This unsophisticated café is part of the Zero Waste movement selling (organic) ingredients in bulk. 

Les gourmandises LOUCA
778 rue Saint-Jean,
Québec, QC  G1R 1P9

9 Monastère des Augustines

Monastère des Augustines Credit: @monasterequebec Zoom

The Monastère des Augustines’ restaurant offers raw and vegetarian dishes based on the principles of mindful eating. Local, colourful flavours served in a truly contemplative setting. Love the self-serve counter featuring salads, fruit, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and grains. Do indulge in a healthy infusion inspired by the Augustinian sisters.

Monastère des Augustines
77 rue des Remparts,
Québec, QC  G1R 0C3 

10 Restaurant NESS

Love their Pad Tao, a blend of various vegetables served in spirals (squash and daikon) Mung beans and cashews alongside a sunflower seed dressing. Tasteful deserts made on location including a few vegan options.

Restaurant NESS
241 rue Saint-Joseph Est,
Québec, QC  G1K 3B1

Other Suggestions

Most restaurants in Québec now offer vegan options, but don’t hesitate to call ahead to confirm. Among my favourites is le Clocher Penché that always has a most colourful vegetarian dish that can easily be made vegan. Also, Poutineville in Saint-Roch will let you indulge in Québec’s iconic poutine with a vegan recipe made with Daiya cheese; Nina Pizza has also created two vegan pizzas: Nuda non nuda and the Piena di verdure.

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