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4 Restaurants you Need to Try in Montcalm

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

In the mood for traditional or contemporary Québec cuisine? How about something Mediterranean or European? Discerning diners, look no further than Montcalm. With delicious terroir products, exotic ingredients, exceptional seafood, and sumptuous desserts, this swish neighbourhood is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

1 Petits Creux Corsica Origina

Recently renovated and transformed from a wine bar into a Corsican bistro, Petits Creux is Kim Colonna's homage to its Corsican roots. They take on a traditional, yet innovative approach to their home island’s Mediterranean cuisine. Cream décor, light textures and an imposing yet colourful painting by Pierre Bouchard set the tone. Private imports selected with care to highlight Corsica’s incredibly charming and unique terroir.

2 Mezzé Taverna Grecque

Mezze taverna Grecque Credit: @lemezzeqc Zoom

Enjoying a meal at Mezzé is like travelling to a small village of Greece. Each mouthful brings you to close your eyes and easily imagine yourself at chef Andreas Papadeas’ family table. Some recipes are from his 93-year-old grandmother! The grilled squid and marinated octopus shine brightest for their divine texture, complimented beautifully, and simply, with citrus and olive oil.


3 Morena

Morena Credit: @morenacartier Zoom

Part delicatessen with a catering service and ready-to-eat Mediterranean delicacies, part restaurant where brunch is as colourful as Tuscany, Morena is owned and operated by Vito Natrella, former chef of international star Charles Aznavour. Start the day with an authentic Italian espresso paired with a generous ricotta and chocolate chip cannoli delivered straight from the famous Alati-Caserta bakery in Montreal. 

4 Frite Alors!

Frites Alors Credit: Frites Alors Zoom

Where diner-style burgers and local beer on tap are as popular as the poutine. It’s actually one of the best poutines you’ll eat in the city! Frite Alors! is like walking in a cartoon where the decor and staff liven every meal. I love their discreet sidestreet terrace in the summer.

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