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5 Restaurants You Need to Try in Limoilou

Credit: Restaurant La Planque, Lyra

The food scene in Limoilou is hot hot hot! Many of the city’s young chefs have set up shop on 3e Avenue and with all the tasty options, the locals have been flocking there in droves.

1 iX [pour bistro]

IX pour Bistro Credit: @ixbistrot Zoom

Here’s where you’ll have to learn to let go and trust the staff’s surprisingly welcoming personality. Forget about the narrow space and residential area, this food is some of the best around town. A two-man show most locals don’t even know about! You’ll find yourself elbow-to-elbow with guests from all over the world smiling over desserts that taste like unicorn tears. Book a few months ahead to make sure you can enjoy it while you're in town.

2 La Planque

La planque Credit: La Planque - Lyra Zoom

Recently redesigned and transformed into a more contemporary decor where velvet meets leather, La Planque is a little more adult. Carefully orchestrated dishes where colour and texture unite to create beautiful conversation pieces. Sit in the bar section where exclusive cocktails are proposed or at the kitchen counter for the ultimate experience.  And please order bread, a magnificent pumpkin sourdough made by local baker François Borderon.


ARVI Credit: ARVI Zoom

Where conventions of the restaurant experience are shuffled. A fixed-price menu where the kitchen staff prepare your meal and then serve you at the table. It’s a human experience where local products shine. You’ll have to buy a ticket online and pay your meal in advance for a reserved seat, but you can also walk in without a reservation or call to book your place. Expect to pay 70$ plus tax and service for a fixed menu. It's the same price for the vegetarian option, which felt too expensive after experiencing its content.

4 Soupe & Cie

Restaurant Soupe & Cie Credit: @soupeetcie Zoom

Sometimes you just want comforting soup, cooked by someone else. The restaurant is artfully decorated, but the cosiness comes more from the soup than in the seats and service. Go for the dumplings, they are rare in Québec City.

5 Cendrillon

Le Cendrillon Credit: @lecendrillonresto Zoom

The ideal destination for happy hour, alone at the bar or at the circular table with friends. The ribs are succulent and house-cured meats delicious. Don't miss the barrel-aged sauces, even if it's just a dot on an oyster.  

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