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The Ultimate List of Best Neighbourhood Restaurants

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Here is a thoughtful list of restaurants that will give you a taste of our small-town charm. These are the trusty favourites that regulars don’t want you to know about. It’s where you’ll dive into the local terroir and get to know local artisans by their first name.

Old Québec

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Old Québec is Québec City’s most famous neighbourhood and a constant favourite among locals and visitors. From traditional Québec fare to European‑style bistros to boreal cuisine, there’s a restaurant with just the experience you’re looking for. So pull up a chair and savour the warmth and charm of this unique historic district.
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Petit-Champlain and Place-Royale

Petit Champlain Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography Zoom

No visit to the city is complete without a walk through Petit‑Champlain, a charming little gem tucked into the side of Old Québec with restaurants as unique as the neighbourhood itself. The chefs here specialize in mouthwatering dishes featuring local ingredients and European flavours. 
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Old Port

Québec City Old Port Credit: Guy Lessard Zoom

In a romantic mood? Stroll through Old Port (Vieux-Port) to find restaurants with menus—and patios—that will have you swooning. Tourists love this lively, picturesque district. While you’re there, be sure to take a walk along the pier.
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Saint-Jean-Baptiste Credit: Audet Photo Zoom

Saint-Jean-Baptiste is fine living without the pretention: beautiful, welcoming, and full of culinary gems. No matter what you’re in the mood for or what your budget is, Saint‑Jean‑Baptiste has a restaurant that will hit the spot. Foodies will love the little neighbourhood bistros that serve up local fare.
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Avenue Cartier Credit: Ville de Québec Zoom

In the mood for traditional or contemporary Québec cuisine? How about something Mediterranean or European? Discerning diners, look no further than Montcalm. With delicious terroir products, exotic ingredients, exceptional seafood, and sumptuous desserts, this swish neighbourhood is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.
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If you’re looking for a hip little restaurant that’s getting a lot of buzz, chances are you’ll find it in Saint-Roch. This booming neighbourhood is a nexus of start‑ups and tech companies, with all the attendant perks: great food, culture, technology, fashion, and nightlife. Be there or be square.
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3e avenue Limoilou Credit: Audet Photo Zoom

The food scene in Limoilou is hot hot hot! Many of the city’s young chefs have set up shop on 3e Avenue and with all the tasty options, the locals have been flocking there in droves.
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Restaurant Saint-Sauveur neighbourhood Credit: Audet Photo Zoom

Saint-Sauveur is all about authentic, comfortable living. The vibe in the restaurants here is laid‑back—you’ll feel like you’re eating among old friends. But don’t let their appearance fool you: these unassuming eateries pack a culinary punch and can be counted on for generous portions.
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Avenue Maguire Credit: Audet Photo Zoom

The restaurateurs on Avenue Maguire in Sillery are passionate about the Québec terroir, sourcing their ingredients from talented local producers and using them in refined dishes with an international flair. On the menu: thin‑crust pizza, delicate sushi, exceptional tapas and much more!
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