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French Restaurants Hot Spots in Québec City

Credit: Allison Van Rassel

Québec City’s culinary reputation is rooted in the traditions of French cuisine. Québec City is North America’s most European city, where many chefs have come from France to explore and transform the world’s most prized culinary traditions. Here is my personal list of restaurants where you will find both classic and contemporary French food. 


Croissants & Parisian snacking par excellence

Paillard Credit: Paillard Zoom

The jambon-beurre sandwich is a common afternoon snack in Paris. The quality of its 3 ingredients makes Paillard on Rue Saint-Jean the ideal location to snack like a Parisian. Not only does Paillard make one of Québec City’s best croissants, they also have a great variety of the delectable and quite popular French macaron

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Le Continental

The long lost art of traditional French tableside service

Restaurant Le Continental Credit: @poletiene Zoom

Québec City is believed to be one of the last cities in North America to offer the traditional au guéridon French tableside service. Waiters are dressed with impeccable white coats to prepare flambé, authentic Caesar salad and delightful Saint-Honoré right next to you. A feast for both your eyes and palate. 

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Crêperie-bistro Le Billig

Authentic and generous Breton crêpes

Crêperie-bistro Le Billig Credit: @lebilligcreperiebistro Zoom

Le Billig is heaven for crêpe lovers. This traditional and very local-friendly Breton bistro serves an authentic Suzette. Sweet or salty, these crêpes are handmade to order and topped with authentic Québécois ingredients like maple syrup, artisan cheese and fresh local fruits. Do like the Bretons and enjoy your crêpe with a glass of cider.

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Le Pied Bleu

A typical bouchon in the heart of Québécois traditions

Pied bleu Credit: Allison Van Rassel Zoom

Saint-Sauveur has become one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Québec City, thanks to Le Pied Bleu’s hearty cuisine.  With values set in conventional Lyonnais gastronomy, this popular foodie destination has created one of the world’s best blood sausages. Le Pied Bleu cooks one pig per week -from nose to tail- inspired by France’s terroir, but rooted in Québec’s generous culinary traditions. You’ll feel as if you had been teleported to Lyon as soon as you take place. 

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Café du Monde

A Paris-inspired brasserie with an exceptional view of the St. Lawrence River

Restaurant Le Café du monde Credit: @lecafedumonde.qc Zoom

Located in the Old Port, the Café du Monde is a popular hangout for classic brasserie dishes like mussels, steak frites and my favourite, crème brûlée. A relaxed environment featuring a first-class menu guaranteed to take you on a journey into the tastes of Paris. Enjoy a window-side seat for a breathtaking, yet intimate view of the St. Lawrence River. The main dining area is my favourite place to eat, especially for its vibrant ambience evoking the many pleasures of eating out. 

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Le Saint-Amour

A genuine European experience filled with local Québec flavours

Restaurant Saint-Amour Zoom

Le Saint-Amour is Québec City’s most authentic culinary encounter with France. Chef Jean-Luc Boulay’s restaurant is reminiscent of Europe’s authentic and somewhat lavish character. Jean-Luc Boulay cumulates recognitions: he was named French Master Chef, and Knight of the Ordre National du Mérite Agricole in France in 2010. His cuisine will make you travel to France’s countryside where sumptuous, extravagant dishes are elevated with finger-licking sauces. The desserts are exact replicas of my pâtisserie dreams. 

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Le Clocher Penché

Québec City’s beloved bistro

Le Clocher Penché Bistrot Credit: Le Clocher Penché Bistrot Zoom

Le Clocher Penché is a French bistro tailored to the exquisiteness of Québec City’s flavours. The Clocher Penché is my favourite restaurant in Québec City because of its classic bistro appeal, friendly service with a cuisine in constant evolution. Orchestrated by Chef Mathieu Brisson, Le Clocher Penché’s menu presents a different starter every week with daily arrivals punctuating popular European classics like boudin, cassoulet and pasta

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Paris Grill

The sizzling flavours of Paris

Paris Grill Credit: Allison Van Rassel Zoom

There is one unique French bistro-inspired restaurant in Sainte-Foy: the Paris Grill. I like sitting at the counter soaking up the action from the waiting staff while enjoying eggs Benedict -and its maple-smoked ham that pulls apart at the touch of a fork- in the morning or salmon tartar in the evening. Le Paris Grill offers the ideal environment to fuel-up before or after shopping your heart out.

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