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Québécois Comfort Food to Enjoy in Québec City

Credit: Clovis Jacob et Thierry Pellerin

Winter is the best time of the year to cozy up to comfort food. Reminiscent of grandma’s cooking, it has the special power to warm our hearts and bring us together. From flavourful, tender roasts to the cheesy, rich and creamy goodness you crave, here are the best comfort foods to enjoy in Québec City:

1 Poutine

Poutine Credit: D. Lafond Zoom

A trip to Québec City without poutine is out of the question, because it is the national signature dish. Poutine is the mother of comfort foods, traditionally made with crispy French fries and fresh cheddar cheese curds covered in hot gravy. Almost every restaurant in the city has a poutine option with several serving truly original breakfast versions. Indulge yourself at the very best poutine restaurants

2 Traditional Cuisine

La Bûche Credit: La Bûche Zoom

Traditional Québecois cuisine is rooted in our British heritage, featuring hearty dishes made with game meat, the hungry man’s shepherd’s pie, pork stew with meatballs and Cipaille (or Tourtière, depending on which region of the province the cook hails from), a slow cooked meat and potato pie.

3 Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Credit: Allison Van Rassel Zoom

After a day of walking along the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Québec, what better way to warm your heart than with a cup of hot cocoa? Like a warm blanket for your heart, there are countless recipes of hot chocolates to choose from and make you feel like you are right at home.

4 Soup

Restaurant Soupe & Cie Credit: @soupeetcie Zoom

Sometimes, all you need to warm your soul is a soup. The French onion soup is the cure to any ailment with its thick layer of gruyère cheese grilled atop a rich and hearty onion broth. A lighter, more fragrant bouillon will open your heart to foreign cultures, but it’s those with zesty sweet and sour aromas that will give you all the energy you need to climb the city’s many staircases. Here are my favourites spots to have a soup:

  • Brasserie Française Chez Jules
  • Café-boulangerie Paillard
  • Café Buade
  • Les Frères de la Côte
  • L’Oncle Antoine
  • Monastère des Augustines
  • Restaurant Wong
  • Soupe & Cie

5 Fondue & Raclette

Restaurant La Grolla Credit: @restaurantlagrolla Zoom

Live the romance thanks to Swiss traditions with a cheese fondue, where every food is dipped in hot melted gruyère. True cheese fanatics prefer to have raclette, one slice of melted cheese at a time. Paired with fresh vegetables and crisp white wine, it is a meal filled with warmth. You can enjoy a decadent cheesy meal at:

  • La Grolla
  • Le Petit Château
  • Le Petit Coin Latin

6 Brunch

Chez Boulay Restaurant Credit: Allison Van Rassel Zoom

Waking up to a colour-filled dish with a great coffee is an excellent remedy to winter’s crispy air. Make it a day to remember with sweet and savoury dishes that will brighten your palate and open your eyes to all the beauty of a winter’s day.

7 French Cuisine

Paillard Credit: Paillard Zoom

Traditional French food recipes scream comfort with their rich and creamy slow cooked flavours. Dive in a velvety veal blanquette or a rich crème brûlée to face winter stomach on. Or how about a delicious flambé? It’s THE fire to embrace winter.

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