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Live Music Bars and Restaurants

Credit: Rideau Rouge

Looking for a fun place to go out for a drink while you’re in Québec City? Why not try a local bar de chansonniers, basically a bar, pub or restaurant with live folk music. Enjoy a unique and festive atmosphere reminiscent of a night by the campfire singing along with friends as someone strums the guitar. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover (or rediscover!) the best songs in the Québec repertoire and meet locals in a place brimming with local flavour.

Live Music in Old Québec

Pub Saint-Alexandre Credit: Pub Saint-Alexandre Zoom

Pub Saint-Alexandre (every night)
1087, rue St-Jean 

Pub Saint-Patrick (Thursday to Saturday)
1200, rue St-Jean 

Les Yeux Bleus
1117, rue Saint-Jean 

Pub Chez Murphy's (every night)
1095, rue Saint-Jean

Bistrot le Pape Georges (Thursday to Saturday)
¼, rue du Cul-de-sac 

Live Music on Renowned Grande Allée

Live music in Québec City Credit: La Piazz Zoom

La Piazz (every night)
641, Grande-Allée Est

Les Voûtes de Napoléon (every night)
680A, Grande-Allée Est

Other Places to Hear Traditional Music

Live music in Québec City Credit: Rideau Rouge Zoom

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Neighbourhood
525, rue Saint-Jean 

Montcalm Neighbourhood
Rideau Rouge (every night)
1147, avenue Cartier 

Saint-Roch Neighbourhood
Phoenix (every night)
441, rue du Parvis

Near Laval University in Ste-Foy
La P’tite Grenouille
2376, rue Galvani

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