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The Ins and Outs of Québec City's Food Trucks

Credit: Ville de Québec

Québec has finally entered the food truck revolution. 6 different restaurants on wheels — as weel as one bike restaurant are set up all summer long in 6 different locations across the city. Every truck promotes a version of street-style cuisine, all bearing a distinctive and local signature. In other words, the only thing they have in common is four wheels and an engine. From healthy dishes to foodie treats and meat-lover delights here are the dishes that caught my attention.


Le Chic Shack Mobile

Artisan burger heaven

Chic Shack food truck Credit: Allison Van Rassel Zoom

The Chic Shack offers great quality-for-price burgers, grilled-cheese sandwiches and poutine. Expect flavourful dishes served in artisan bread and homemade chic sauce. If you’re looking for a quick sweet fix, indulge in their homemade sweet and salty (and might I add very addictive) ice cream sandwich.

Côtes-à-Côtes Traiteur (La Zèbre Mobile)

Finger licking sauces

Zebre Mobile Foodtruck Credit: Ville de Québec Zoom

No need to load up on the napkins since you’ll probably find yourself licking every bit of sauce off your fingers. La Zèbre mobile's entire menu is a sweet and salty heaven: Mac n’ cheese made with Migneron cheese, duck drumsticks covered in a thick maple BBQ sauce all the way to fried brownies! 

L’Express Gourmet

Greasy spoon classics

Gourmet Express Foodtruck Credit: Ville de Québec Zoom

L’Express Gourmet’s menu mostly features greasy spoon classics. But there’s one item that stands out from the rest of the items on the menu: the Chilean poutine. Served with crispy fries in a thick sauce topped with feta, olives and cilantro this dish is loaded with flavour.


Food Fighters 504

Fried delights

Food Fighters Foodtruck Credit: Allison Van Rassel Zoom

The most popular item on the Food Fighters 504 menu is the fish n’ chips: flaky fish, deep-fried in a crispy beer batter. With malt vinegar the dish could feel like Britain’s gourmet treasure. For those looking for a touch of fantasy, the lightly smoked octopus salad with a touch of spice will definitely sooth your craving. 

Les Recettes Paumées

Inventive and decadent

Recettes Paumées foodtruck Credit: Ville de Québec Zoom

Weather for brunch, lunch or out of the pure desire to indulge in a wicked good treat, the Recettes Paumées is your key to success. Popular menu item features fried chicken, coleslaw and cherry sauce atop a thick home-style waffle. 

Saga Cuisine Nomade

Journey within our First Nation’s culinary heritage

Saga Foodtruck Credit: Saga Cuisine Nomade, from Facebook Zoom

Saga Cuisine Nomade’s philosophy is to put forward Wendake’s indigenous food culture. Although not wild, their elk burger feels like an authentic journey within our First Nation’s culinary heritage. The taste is like no other meat, stronger than beef with less fat and more protein. My pick is the game meat burrito, especially for its uncommon and savoury taste.

La Bécane à Bouffe

Vegan bike meal

Bécane à Bouffe Credit: Allison Van Rassel Zoom

There’s only one item on La Bécane à Bouffe’s menu and it is incredibly popular among local foodies: a hot BBQ tempeh sandwich topped with homemade coleslaw. Every sandwich is cooked to order on the grill directly attached to the cargo bicycle. It is the healthiest choice among all of the city’s current food trucks.  

Sites and Schedules

Since the schedules are subject to change without notice, please visit the food trucks' Facebook pages for up-to-date information.

Featured sites until September 10, 2017:

Domaine de Maizeret
Saint-Roch public pool
Parc Victoria
Base de plein air de Sainte-Foy
Plage Jacques-Cartier
Étang de la Côte Sector (near Montmorency Falls)


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