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5 Bakeries for the Best Croissants in Québec City

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Croissants are part of what makes Québec City so European. Traditionally French, and commonly made with layers of butter, here is a list of my favourite croissants you can easily find around Old Québec. 

1 Café-boulangerie Paillard

Croissants chez Paillard Credit: @paillard.cafeboulangerie_croissants Zoom

This incredibly flaky, scrumptious croissant makes the crispiest sound of ‘em all. Filled with buttery goodness, Paillard’s almond croissant is also not to be missed. For lunch, don’t miss the rosemary ham croissant with a dab of homemade honey mustard.

2 Chez Boulay - Comptoir Boréal

Croissants at Comptoir boreal Credit: @comptoirboreal Zoom

A great quality croissant featuring textbook layers of butter to dough that transforms into this ideal moisture to crispness beauty. This croissant never disappoints! Turns into a Nordic beauty when used in a breakfast sandwich where eggs and cheese blend in a dollop of local herbs and spices.

3 La Boîte à Pain

La Boite à pain Credit: @boulangerie_laboiteapain Zoom

The croissant that feels like you’re truly getting the best bang for your buck! A generous, hearty pastry and an even better chocolatine, a croissant filled with chocolate. Dare the cheese version too.  

4 Borderon et fils

Borderon et fils Credit: Borderon et fils Zoom

Would a vegan croissant tempt you? While there are many Borderon et fils locations across town offering delectable croissants, only the Limoilou counter serves the vegan recipe. Made with coconut butter, it is sure to add an exotic touch to your day.

5 Épi’Fanny

Croissants Credit: Boulangerie Epi'Fanny Zoom

A smaller serving than many, but with just as much heart as any. A pure butter, almost bread-like texture that kids truly love. Grab a loaf of bread while you’re there, most made with local organic flours.

Definitely Worth the Drive

Located a 25-minute drive north of downtown Québec City in Stoneham, Pascal le boulanger bakery is home to what my tastebuds believe to be the region’s finest croissants. The secret behind this traditional French bakery’s success lays in the hands of the artisans who devote time, love and effort in creating high quality delicacies. One bite of their buttery, flaky work-of-art croissant and you’ll instantly fall in love with the region. A second Pascal le Boulanger location is available in Lac-Beauport.

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