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Where to Eat The Best Crêpes in Québec City

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A crêpe can be eaten in many ways and at any time of day, hot or cold. Not to be confused with fluffy pancakes, crêpes are thin, almost paper-like delicacies typically made with milk, flour and eggs and traditionally cooked on a billig. Typical of Brittany, crêpes showcase Québec’s French culinary heritage in both a savoury meal and a sweet, sweet dessert.

1 Le Billig

Crêperie-bistro Le Billig Credit: @lebilligcreperiebistro Zoom

Named after the circular heated plate traditionally used to cook crêpes, you can trust Le Billig to serve distinctive crêpes. The owners are from the small village of Pontivy in Brittany where they learned to cook alongside their grandparents. Choose from simple, flavourful combinations like ham and cheese served with and a runny egg on top, folded in four crispy corners. Pair with a glass of local cider and visit on a game day to witness the true European passion for sports.

2 Chez Jules Crêperie

Chez Jules Credit: @brasseriechezjules Zoom

Located in the courtyard of Holy Trinity Cathedral, this is THE place to go for streetstyle crêpes during summertime. I always pick the lemon and sugar option served in small thin folds where the crêpe’s fat and buckwheat flour become this perfect vessel for the sweetness and tang to burst in my mouth. A refreshing rush of flavour every time!

3 Crêperie-Bistro L’Escale

Creperie Bistro L’Escale Credit: Crêperie Bistro L’Escale Zoom

This quaint Petit-Champlain bistro will make you fall in love with crêpes. Whether it’s stuffed with duck confit, goat cheese and Hollandaise sauce or served in the traditional Québécois sugar shack style with maple syrup and fresh fruit, there is a crêpe here to everyone’s liking.

4 Le Local

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Recently opened as a tourist-friendly information centre, Le Local is also a café and a boutique where you’ll find treasures of the local terroir and objects made by Québec artists and artisans. The menu is simple yet filled with regional products, mostly organic. You can grab-and-go, or take a seat in order to enjoy their delicious crêpes. Le Local has the environment at heart and is doing as much as possible to reduce its ecological footprint. A discount is even granted to customers who bring their own cup or container.

5 Casse-crêpe Breton

Casse-crêpe Breton Credit: @cassecrepe_breton Zoom

This is a small, unpretentious restaurant in the heart of a very tourist-friendly part of Old Québec. The beauty of this menu is that you can choose from a long list of ingredients to create the crêpe of your dreams. Kids love it! The open kitchen will let them take in all of the action. Portions are generous, service is quick and amicable. Vegan options available. No reservations.

6 L'épicurien

L'Epicurien Credit: @lepicurien.maguire Zoom

Open since May on Avenue Maguire in Sillery, L’Épicurien makes the crêpe the house specialty. Their menu features Breton pancakes as well as sweet and savoury crêpes created from local organic flour. Every detail counts, especially in the Ficelles Picardes : rolled crêpes generously garnished and grilled in the oven. Vegetarian and vegan options available.


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