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The surprising rise of Snapchat at events

Credit: Marc-Antoine Jean

Way back in (ahem!) 2011, many online marketers scoffed at the idea that Snapchat, a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos, texts and drawings in a very short time period, was just a fleeting fad, relegated to the short attention spans of millennials.


Boy, were they wrong. Today, Snapchat has over 300 million users per month—just behind Facebook and Twitter. However, for daily views, its scores number 2 in terms of daily usage (150 million active users). With videos, Snapchat is also competing with YouTube, with over 7  billion videos delivered per day, according to Bloomberg. Other research provides similar stats regarding millions and billions of views that Snapchat affords.

Yes, you read correctly.

However, due to its immense appeal to the 18-34 crowd, online marketers and event planners are starting to take a closer look at its tremendous potential. Snapchat now offers advertising and storytelling opportunities for businesses, brands and events alike, such as:

1 Snap Ads

10-second vertical full-screen videos that are displayed contextually based on other snaps. Snapchatters can then swipe to learn more, basically be redirected to a landing page article, mobile web site, etc. For events, this can be a great way to promote the event to potential attendees and boost registrations.

2 Sponsored Geofilters

With Geofilters, attendees at your event will be able to use them to explain where they are and why they are taking a Snap. The flexibility is pretty compelling, too; you can sponsor Geofilters for either a specific event or location, creating a buzz during your hosting your convention or conference.

3 Sponsored Lenses

Lenses particularly target product brands and provide a new type of brand activation: Snapchatters playing around with interactive ads, sending the results to friends or posting them on their Stories. Lenses tend to be specifically effective for event sponsors or exhibitors aiming to create closer ties between attendees and their products.

But the potential for Snapchat at events doesn’t stop there. Planners can organize contests to drive delegate traffic during events to increase attendee engagement as well as develop promos for influencers within a given industry to add credibility to conference or convention, or glean feedback after post-event. Snapchat is, in sum, an entirely new way to document your event journey and experience.

Snapchat may have started as a way to tap into the mojo of millennials; however, as the statistics show, the ripple effect is bound to generate use with other generations as well. The key is to understand your audience persona to ensure optimal adoption rates. But remember, a little novelty never hurt!

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