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Discover the magic of organizing an event during Québec’s Winter Carnival

Organizing a convention or conference in Québec City at the beginning of the month of February? Looking to give your delegates the opportunity to have some fun in the snow? Why not consider hosting an off-hours activity during the Québec Winter Carnival, which will take place every year in February.

For the event’s 65th anniversary, the Québec Winter Carnival has completely revamped its programming and venues–all while continuing to pay tribute to French Canadian winter traditions.

A new Carnival concept


“The main difference between this year’s Carnival and other editions is that we wanted the entire city to be a part of the festivities as opposed to only key areas in the past,” explained Mitémo Chevalier, Account Executive for the Québec Winter Carnival. “All of Québec City’s  neighbourhoods are planning fun activities and calling the Carnival their own. When visitors come to Québec City, they’ll be amazed that the Carnival will be everywhere!”

Packages for event organizers

For event planners, the Québec Winter Carnival offers a myriad of packages for groups attending a convention or conference at the Québec City Convention Centre, such as: cocktail receptions and meals at the SAQ Bistro, VIP packages to watch the Carnival’s canoe races and two parades, and ice sculpting workshops. What’s more: many of the group packages include meeting iconic Bonhomme, the official representative of the Carnival—a talking snowman that wins the hearts of thousands of festival-goers every year, and the Effigy, which grants access to several venues and partner events all over town. Group rates and details about custom event packages are available on the Carnival’s website.

The Carnival’s highlights

Credit: Carnaval de Québec Zoom

The heart of the Québec Winter Carnival will be centred around Bonhomme’s Royal Court, located in front of the Québec Armoury, which is conveniently located downtown and near both many hotels and the Québec City Convention Centre. There, festival-goers will be able to visit an amazing 30-foot snow sculpture and giant owl. Multimedia shows, sounds and lights, and interactive experiences—all of which are a nod to Bonhomme’s playful universe—will be featured both around the Royal Court as well as inside a large dome theatre.

Just a few steps away, the Parc de la Francophonie will showcase the Camp à Jos, this unique site that offers an eclectic mix of folklore, delicious food (think beer, sausages and sauerkraut), lumberjack competitions, race-against-the-clock challenges, snow wrestling, Québec City’s version of the Highland games (and so much more. “For people who have spent the day at a convention, these activities are a great opportunity to unwind and experience’s French Canada’s roots—and humour,” said Mr. Chevalier.  

Credit: AudetPhoto Zoom

If event planners are looking for shorter activities for their delegates, they can organize viewings of the Québec Winter Carnival parades on February 9 and 16, ice canoe race on February 10, and snow bath (yes, you read correctly) on February 17.

 “Québec City’s citizens have always had a profound respect and love for winter, and the Carnival has been celebrating this unique bond since 1955,” Mr. Chevalier pointed out. “For event delegates, the Carnival is a one-of-kind event that truly immerses event delegates in all things snow and shows them the true warmth of our people.”

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