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Why I chose Québec City

The world if full of beautiful and magical destinations. I joined the Québec City Business Destination team for selfish reasons: I wanted to experience a destination like no other. 

1 Amazing collaborators

Bonhomme’s Ice Palace and Bonhomme Carnaval Credit: Claudel Huot Zoom

It’s in Québec City that I found a kindred spirit. Bonhomme Carnaval embodies everything I hold dear in a collaborator and friend. I see a lot of myself in him: he’s jovial and beloved by kids and adults alike. He enjoys winter immensely and he wears red like no other. And let’s face it, he knows how to throw an awesome party!

2 USA Today 2016 Winter Wonderland (this one is real!)

Magical atmosphere? Check!

Dreamy white snow? Check!

Enchanting lights? Check!

Cobblestone streets? Check! 

There’s no question as to why USA Today readers voted Québec City Best Winter Wonderland and CNN included it in its 15 of the best places to enjoy a Christmas vacation.

3 Abundant sleigh parking


First and foremost, when choosing a new hometown, I needed to find parking space for my sleigh and reindeer. The Plains of Abraham, one of Canada’s most important historical parks located in downtown Québec City, is perfect for parking my sleigh. My reindeer love the open space, especially Rudolph, that crazy youngster! 

4 Impeccable chimneys


Going down hundreds of thousands of chimneys is hard and dirty work. When I get to Québec City, it’s a real delight to find a clean city as well as clean chimneys. 

5 Good food choices for Mrs. Claus


We all know Mrs. Claus is a foodie. When we first visited Québec City years ago, Mrs. Claus fell in love with poutine. Can you blame her? Ever since, we have discovered a smorgasbord of local flavours, award-wining chefs and great restaurants for any palate. After all, I have my figure (and reputation!) to maintain! 

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